The Art of Shaving opened its 5th store in the UAE at the Dubai Festival Plaza

The Art of Shaving opened its 5th store in the UAE at the newly opened Dubai Festival Plaza. Shoppers at the new mall can now experience the brand’s diverse variety of products for head to toe grooming. Shaving consultants will help clients navigate through the signature 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave collections, facial hair, skin care, body care, fragrances, and hair styling products.

CEO of The Merchant of Venice graces launch of the majestic Imperial Emerald in Dubai

Marco Vidal, CEO of The Merchant of Venice perfume brand, graces the media launch event of the majestic Imperial Emerald in Dubai.
Imperial Emerald is the new seductive fragrance by The Merchant of Venice and takes its inspiration from the peacock, the most enchanting and majestic of creatures. For millennia this bird has inspired myths and legends in both western and eastern cultures, legends that attributed to it the most sublime meanings: beauty, longevity and love, along with vanity, luxury and pride. The dazzling, visual displays generated by its fan-like tail have enchanted and confused the gaze of mortals, as well as the immortals of countless myths.

To pay homage to the elegance and wonder of Venice, The Merchant of Venice was inspired by these emerald-green and blue patterns and created this new olfactory masterpiece. The Murano Exclusive line distinguishes itself by its olfactory refinement and high content of essential oils, which generate a long- lasting scented trail.

Das Elite launches French perfume brand Ella K Parfums in the UAE!

Ella K is a globally coherent creation. The spirit in which the collection has been developed goes well beyond the perfumes themselves, with all the associated elements thoroughly thought through to obtain a carefully crafted ensemble. All the elements allude to a symbol, either relatively obvious or more subtle, associated with the world of exploration. From the name to the most delicate item – which may not be obvious until the very last moment – the ELLA K proposition is to help share that search for that elsewhere beyond.

The first seven fragrances are sensory witnesses, each to a different experience, and together they represent the first chapter in a creative adventure on which the creator has just embarked.

Launch of L’ARC: L’Arc Argentium

L’Arc Parfums, the first house of perfume dedicated to the seekers of grace and artistry, is delighted to introduce its new luxurious fragrance ARGENTIUM Halo de Lune.

Argentium is part of the “Memoire Collection” that followed the “Voyage Collection” and its inspiration goes back to when Maître de Claude’s voyage around the world was not only recorded in his mind and heart; it was inked on the pages of a memoire where every line evoked the scent of a moment anchored in time and the aroma of a sweet discovery. The words of his journal recount the nostalgic journey back home, a call from the port of Havana under the moon’s silver shine to the shores of the French land.

The essence of a strong nostalgia awakens Maître de Claude’s desire to finally return to France. The perfume exhibits a bewildering amalgam of scents blending the vivid whiffs of orange and cardamom with a heart of nutmeg and saffron. Musk and sandalwood settle in to further embody the enthralling flame in his heart.

Olfactory Notes


Orange, Cardamom, Artemisia


Nutmeg, Oud accord, Saffron


Amberwood, Musk, Sandalwood